Our dog is still alive and other Christmas news

So we sent out our Christmas cards which were actually just letters, and photocopied letters at that. I’ve read the etiquette columns and I know such documents should be augmented with personal notes, ribbons and probably glitter, but we just sent out the black and white photo letter. We have three boys under the age of three, including a toddler and twin babies. I think people understand the unspoken truth that any complaints about the letters might lead to a stabbing involving the tree angel.

See, people set the bar low when you have small children. It really doesn’t matter if your Christmas letters lack whimsy, if the font is clunky and unreadable and there are no verbs. All they want are pictures of “the babies.” Oh, and if those babies are doing something cute – smiling or pursing their lips or reflecting colors from the visible spectrum – they might not care if you’ve written anything in the English language.

~ An excerpt from my Sunday, Dec. 23 column for the Hibbing Daily Tribune. Read it on the Sunday opinion page, on www.minnesotabrown.com or archived here.

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