Perfect winter eludes us again

Well, here we are in early December. We just got a good foot of snow last weekend with more coming this weekend. That’s plenty for snowmobiling. I could tell people were anxious last Saturday because when the first flakes began to fall we saw a guy in what appeared to be new jacket, helmet and machine trying to run his snowmobile out in a grassy field. It was like the dude who shows up at the night club at 4 p.m. Not cool. But apparently I was wrong in assuming the universal goodness of the snow.

~ Excerpt from my Dec. 9 column in the Hibbing Daily Tribune about how the early snow creates slushy conditions on area lakes, stoking the ire of local snowmobilers and ice fishermen who just can’t catch a break from our climate. It’s based on a blog post from earlier in the week. Read the column in the paper, at or archived here.

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