Overburden events lining up

October has arrived. In addition to colder weather and autumnal foliage, the month also brings the campaign for my new book “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” Though the official opening remains Oct. 16, local bookstores are beginning to carry the book. You can also preorder a copy at Barnes and Noble’s website at a reduced price.

Most independent Range book stores should have “Overburden” by the end of this week. Hibbing’s Howard Street Booksellers has been selling off an early supply since last week, but Ely, Duluth, Virginia and Grand Rapids will be joining them today or tomorrow. In a blatant act of defiance we are selling the book early in Tim Pawlenty’s hometown of Eagan at the Barnes and Noble. For now (but not for long) this is our only current Twin Cities outlet.

The official opening event is Thursday, Oct. 16 at Howard Street Booksellers from 5-7 p.m. I’ll sign books, say a few words, mix and mingle. The people there will be fancy, but not too fancy. There will be baked goods and hot coffee, maybe more!

Other events are listed on the sidebar of the blog. But I thought I’d post something today to help readers who might not know what this book is about. The book is not just a rehash of what I talk about on the blog, nor is just a collection of columns and previous essays. Though some items from the blog and past columns are included for flavor, the majority of the book is a diverse collection of new material chasing a central theme: the Iron Range of today, how it’s been shaped by the past and how it may change in the future. I use a creative nonfiction style to highlight how my experiences might be typical of a modern Iron Ranger and show how these struggles are relevant to people all over the country (or, if there’s a market, the WORLD). All I can say as the author is that I truly tried to make the book funny, meaningful, personal and relevant to a wide audience.

I am keeping an “Overburden” central page over at my writing site for updated stories, reviews, events and other news about the book. And prepare for semi-frequent posts highlighting book news from now until everyone reading this FREE BLOG THAT PAYS ME NOTHING buys a copy to placate me. Christmas is coming. Old people like books. You probably know some old people. Just sayin’.


  1. We’re there for you Aaron. This book is the game plan for many a Christmas present.

  2. Thanks guys! Have I mentioned that the book may also be used for leveling tables, hiding things and home heating? 🙂

  3. Aaron, I am the grandson of Charles Aguar, one of the planners in charge of the Iron Range planning in the 1960s. Have you come across his name much in your research?
    Thanks, Kiley

    • Hi Kiley –
      I sure have! I talked to someone from the project back in my original column about that planning document, but he was very much a junior member of the team. He spoke of your grandfather with great reverence, saying it was his baby. I’d love to know more about that process, or any nuggets you have about your grandfather. My e-mail is aaronjbrown@yahoo.com.

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