Even attractive anchors are feeling the pinch (of the economy)

You might remember that I am involved in a special national project called “PurpleStates” where bloggers from all 50 states share their diverse views on the national economy. My segment aired last month. There have been many notable submissions from other state bloggers, though, and I think today’s entry from an out-of-work Republican TV anchor in South Carolina is worth watching. Seeing this explains to me why every reporter I’ve talked to in the last several months gets all sweaty when the topic of layoffs is raised.

It sure is good that I’m a blogger! Working for free!

Oh, damn.


  1. Several good folk were laid off at the YMCA a few weeks ago. That’s a darn shame.

  2. Many companies and businesses are going through as much as 10% reductions. Lean is better than fat and bloated.

    Obama plans to spend $2 Trillion in his first year!

    How much has Obama planned to reduce government bureaucracy? 1%? 5%? 10%?

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