Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! MinnesotaBrown is on the big city teevee

I’ll be part of a story that will air on Twin Cities NBC affiliate KARE 11 Sunday night during the 10 o’clock news. (Here’s the promo). Boyd Huppert does a segment called “Land of 10,000 Stories” and lately he’s been touring Greater Minnesota to see how the economy is affecting people outside the metro area. He and photojournalist Jonathan spent a couple days on the Iron Range, including a trip out to my house in the middle of nowhere. He was asking about some of the themes from my book “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” Among other topics, the book explores growing up and making a life in an area that sees constant economic booms and busts.

I haven’t seen the story yet, but I’m told that some of the ideas from my book and passages from one of my recent columns will play prominently. As I’m still negotiating options to get to the Twin Cities for my book tour, this can’t hurt. Check it out if you’re in the metro or have rigged your satellite dishes to pick up bootleg Twin Cities channels like many of the cosmopolitans who live around here. The link to the story should be up Monday morning and I’ll post it here.

The interview took place in my home office, where most of “Overburden” was written and is the official headquarters of this blog. So, if you ever wanted to know what that looks like you’ll get your chance. They had to be very creative to keep all the whiskey bottles and unsecured firearms out of the shot. Were they successful? Find out this Sunday at 10 p.m. on KARE 11 in the Minneapolis/St. Paul TV market.

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