‘Don’t go there’

Yesterday, St. Louis County Attorney Melanie Ford advised the county board not to pursue a policy restricting citizen recordings of board meetings. Commissioner Keith Nelson had suggested the new rule at a previous meeting, essentially saying that recordings can be taken out of context and that people are free to attend the midday meetings. The Duluth News Tribune has the story.

“It is my legal advice to the County Board not to go there,’’ Ford told commissioners, adding that such a ban probably would generate a lawsuit against the county and possibly lead to a new state law clearly allowing the devices.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the end of the story:

Several commissioners, including Nelson, appeared agitated at Ford’s advice. They did not discuss the issue and immediately adjourned the meeting. Board Chairman Dennis Fink asked Ford not to release her opinion to the News Tribune for 24 hours, but Ford said she didn’t have any legal reason to withhold the information.

Some commissioners have been taking a lot of heat for some ill-advised comments at public meetings and the lingering anger over a series of alleged sexual harassment issues last year involving some commissioners. The group We Are Watching was formed to monitor board activities after some felt that these allegations were brushed under the table. The battles between this citizen group and members of the county board continue.

Who do you think won the news cycle today?

Yeah … brutal.


  1. I swear Nelson and Fink they are above scrutiny. What are they afraid of? People actually figuring out that their interests aren’t in line with the publics?

  2. Keith Nelson was the same guy who said he’d vote for slavery if his constituents were in favor of it.


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