MDN editorial backs Anzelc Sunday liquor revenue bill

The Mesabi Daily News published a Monday editorial supporting Rep. Tom Anzelc’s bill that would allow Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota with revenue going to child social services. The MDN calls the bill “innovative.” I wrote about this topic yesterday. Some highlights from today’s MDN editorial:

To his credit, Anzelc has offered a proposal for more revenue that does not involve a new tax. It also leaves opening and operating on a Sunday up to liquor store owners. They can decide whether it is worth it for them or not.

Would it be a new revenue stream, or simply shift money from sales on Friday or Saturday to Sunday? There probably would be some of that, which would devalue the $10 million projection. But there would also be Sunday sales in border areas that are now flowing to other states. In addition, there would definitely be more sales in Northeastern Minnesota on Sundays from those who are in the area for tourism visits.

We give the representative credit for thinking in such realistic budget terms.


  1. I assume they’re talking about tax revenue. It’s a good idea, though I’m not sure it will make as much as they think. I hardly think Twin Cities folk will drive 45 minutes each way to get booze on Sundays.

    Duluth is the only real border town that might make money, though most people will probably still head to Superior because booze is cheaper at the liquor stores there.

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