Reminder: Ironworld ‘Overburden’ event is Saturday, Feb. 7

Last reminder! This Saturday, Feb. 7, I will be at Ironworld in Chisholm giving a lecture and signing copies of “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range,” my new book that is rocking the vaunted Iron Range literary establishment to its core. The lecture begins at 2 p.m. with the signing to follow. Admission includes access to Ironworld’s great traditional exhibits and the traveling exhibit “The Apron Chronicles.” I also see that there is a “restaurant demonstration” going on from noon to 3:30. That implies, to me, the availability of some kind of food that is somehow distinct from other foods. As you can tell, PR is not always my forte.

The event is part of the Ironworld Lecture Series (that next week includes the great Superior, Wis., author Anthony Bukoski, who was my creative writing professor at UWS).

My book page explains the themes I explore in my lectures and sums up some of the ideas you’ll see in the book.

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