Bob Dylan portable toilet flap leads to desperate plea from Duluth paper

Something is “blowin’ in the wind” at Minnesota native and Hibbing High School alumnus Bob Dylan’s home in Malibu. It appears neighbors are upset about the smell coming from a portable toilet on Dylan’s property.

Ha ha! I wonder if anyone else will think to use the term “Blowin’ in the wind” for this story. Ha ha!

Oh. Everyone will. Every single news organization on the planet. I give props to the ones who thought to include “Idiot Wind” puns, too. Those are true Dylan people. (Let me add “It’s all over now, baby poo” to the discourse).

The Duluth News Tribune penned a timely editorial using the occasion to invite Dylan to visit his native Duluth, “port-a-potty and all.”

Of course, as one of the organizers of Dylan Days in Hibbing, where Dylan grew up, graduated high school and played his first gigs I must take issue with the premise that only Duluth would welcome Dylan and his biffy. I respectfully ask Bob to compare Duluth and Iron Range zoning regulations to see which place would really be more welcoming of an outdoor commode.

I kid, of course. This is all for fun. But if you remember nothing else about this discussion, remember this: If you are famous, you may defecate in Duluth wherever, whenever and however you like with total impunity. In fact, you will be publicly thanked when you are finished. That’s Duluth. D-U-L-U-T-H. Hope to see you soon!


  1. People rich enough to live in Malibu aren’t allowed to complain about anything in life. Ever.

  2. Anonymous says

    Looks like some outlets are getting a little more creative.

    “Tangled up in poo.”

    “Poositively 4th Street.”

  3. LOl… i agree that those neighbors need to get over it.. give me a break.

  4. Oh boy… Dylan *should* clean up his mess, but is the smell THAT BAD that his neighbors would complain about it? How close are they to the damn thing? 10 feet?

  5. Defecation Row.

  6. I just saw this story, and I have one: Defecation Row.

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