Thank you, Twin Cities!

I have returned from the Twin Cities. My first metro book tour for “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range” was a success and I thank all those who came out to events and wished me well in my travels.

Wednesday morning, a blizzard had wrapped up northern Minnesota. Though snowfall was less than expected, wind speeds were very high and there was a lot of drifting. I drive a Ford Focus. These quaint vehicles have a very specific threshold for snow depth before they become decorative snowstorm flair. I find that depth to be around 7-8 inches. We had about 6 and a half inches of snow Wednesday. Finding some form of religion, I managed to escape my driveway and unplowed township road to reach the paved and plowed byways of our modern Iron Range transportation infrastructure. Huzzah!

The Wednesday afternoon reading at Coffman Memorial Union at the University of Minnesota Bookstore went very well. A nice crowd of folks, mostly ex-Rangers, joined me to talk about the Iron Range’s past, present and future.

Thursday morning began with me and my dad eating fresh, never frozen, steak and eggs in South St. Paul. Then, with the aid of friends, I wandered onto the floor of the Minnesota House of Representatives and managed not to embarrass myself in any sort of obvious way (that I know of). Then I did a signing at the Eagan Barnes and Noble.

Signed copies of “Overburden” are available at both the U of M bookstore at Coffman and the Eagan Barnes and Noble. I also signed copies at the Harmar Mall Barnes and Noble in Roseville, where I’ll be giving another reading on June 4.

More to come …


  1. Sometimes I like to go into bookstores and sign random books as if I’m the author.

  2. Did you eat at T&T (Mel’s)?

  3. Glad it went so well for you. Looking forward to the HarMar stop in June – Not sure if I can wait to buy/read it until then, but will try. Best of Luck to you.

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