What’s with the guy in the green shirt?

Last week I detailed my first-ever Twin Cities book tour and teased the fact that some finagling friends snuck (sneaked?) me onto the House floor for a photo. Forgive the self-indulgence but here it is, fresh from the mail:

From left to right, House Majority Leader Tony Sertich (I served on his first campaign), me in a conspicuously green shirt, House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and another great Balsam Township resident State Rep. Tom Anzelc (whose campaigns I now run). I show this to you for a few reasons, mostly self-deprecating in nature. Let me share my first thoughts.

  1. You can probably tell I wasn’t expecting to do a formal photo that day. This is exactly how I dress all the time. It amuses me that I wear that same ensemble to the dump each week. I may look out of place here but I look out of place at the dump, too. I am the khaki highwayman.
  2. Really, Brown? You really needed three pens in your shirt pocket that day? Three pens of different colored ink? Gonna do some grading? Some grading on the House floor?
  3. Am I related to the Speaker? I didn’t think so, but this picture has me wondering.
  4. How the hell did I get shorter than Tony Sertich? Check his shoes. I declare shenanigans.
  5. I’m not used to seeing my friend Tom Anzelc all dressed up snappy like that. Up north our political consultations usually occur with him wearing an old Nashwauk-Keewatin sweatshirt or a plaid logging jacket. How do I dress back home? See #1.
  6. Should have held up the book. Should have held up the book. FAIL!

I realize that posting this picture puts me at risk of seeming partisan but let the record state that I would take the same picture with Chuck Norris, Michele Bachmann and Rush Limbaugh at a moment’s notice.

My next Twin Cities trip will be June 4. I don’t think I’ll be blending in any politics on that one, but if I do I just might wear an ironed shirt. No promises.

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