Iron Range development ‘constipated,’ says me

Matt Perrine of the Duluth Budgeteer interviewed me for the “Five Questions” segment this week in advance of my Friday appearance at UW-Superior. The post also appears at the Duluth News Tribune website. Asked to describe Iron Range economic development in one word, I chose “constipated.” How could you not click on that?


  1. Hi Arron,

    I wish I could go on Friday, but I have to work. Do you plan on doing any more of these events in our area.



  2. There aren’t any scheduled at this time, but it’s possible. I still haven’t done anything at Northern Lights in Duluth. And if there’s a group that wants to sponsor a lecture that makes it much easier for me to schedule something. Any ideas?

    I will be in the Twin Cities this June 4 … Roseville for the lecture and St. Paul for a signing.

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