Range paper: Arrrr-Qaida?

I missed this gem of an editorial from the Mesabi Daily News last week. Those weren’t pirates, those were “Somali Muslim Terrorists!” This one comes complete with an unsubstantiated suggested al Qaida link, a la spring ’03. Can’t beat the classics.

Using this new definition of terrorism we should all be on Red Alert. Any day now, an Iron Range gas station could be robbed by American Christian Meth-Addicted Terrorists! I wonder if there will be an editorial when that happens?


  1. I am very pleased to see the comments for this editorial, taking the Editor to task for being so ignorant in their choice of words. If there is any value to the Editorial, it would be the discussion that could take place from it and the comments.

    — Suspected Terrorist.

  2. Anonymous says

    I don’t know if that editorial was more revolting or sad. But, thanks for pointing it out anyway.

  3. Since the pirates are dead, I doubt that they’ve been interviewed about their philosophies or religion. Yes, they did “terrorize” the ship, but they are pirates, by law. Our constitution even has an anti-pirate provision, so they need to be called pirates. International law has a pirate provision, so they need to be called pirates. It makes a big difference to keep them as pirates, by law.

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