Range town considers pulling out of sewer project

The Hibbing City Council is having a huge meeting tonight (Hibbing Daily Tribune). At issue, whether to opt out of the Central Iron Range Sanitary Sewer District, a longstanding effort to create one sewer service for Hibbing, Chisholm and other nearby small towns and townships. A vocal citizen’s group and some city councilors have long been trying to get the city out of the deal.

I hope the council takes its time with this issue and that the best longterm interests are sought instead of the will of the largest group of people in the chambers. Centralized sewers are probably where Range towns are headed eventually and if there’s a cost savings, they should be pursued. If not, the alternatives need to be clear.


  1. I agree Aaron that this is very short-sighted of Hibbing. I also find it demonstrates an attitude of non-cooperation amongst the cities up here that will result in negative consequences in the long run. I think it’s selfish and silly.

    Besides that, sewage is like landfilling. People like to pretend that it’s only other people contributing, not them (gasp!).

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