‘I’ll stop there and wander around’

Bob Dylan has been granting some fascinating interviews lately. The Duluth native and Iron Range-raised musician is also waxing nostalgic about the place where he’s from. This item ran in Tuesday’s “Eh?” column in the Duluth News Tribune, which contained this excerpt from this month’s Rolling Stone interview of Dylan.

In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan shares his take on the Northland with interviewer Douglas Brinkley, also a Rice University historian. Here are a few excerpts:

“I ask Dylan if he minds people visiting Hibbing or Duluth or Minneapolis searching for the root of his talent. ‘Not at all,’ he surprisingly says. ‘That town where I grew up hasn’t really changed that much, so whatever was in the air before is probably still there. I go through once in a while coming down from Canada. I’ll stop there and wander around.’

“As for Duluth, where his grandparents lived, he thinks it’s one of the country’s forgotten gems. ‘You’ll never see another town like Duluth,’ he says. ‘It’s not a tourist destination, but it probably should be. Depends what season you’re in, though. There are only two seasons: damp and cold. I like the way the hills tumble to the waterfront and the way the wind blows around the grain elevators. The train yards go on forever too. It’s old-age industrial, that’s what it is. You’ll see it from the top of the hill for miles and miles before you get there. You won’t believe your eyes. I’ll give you a medal if you get out alive.’

“… Dylan is so down-home that he considers the boondocks of Hibbing-Duluth to be far grander than Paris.

“The air is so pure there,” he says. “And the brooks and rivers are still running. The forests are thick, and the landscape is brutal. And the sky is still blue up there. It is still pretty untarnished. It’s still off the beaten path. But I hardly ever go back.”

Dylan Days is May 21-24, 2009. We’ve got some interesting new stuff over at the website, including a animated invitation to the Benefit Concert with Scarlet Rivera and a locally recorded YouTube interview of Gene LaFond (who plays with the Wild Unknown), another of this year’s many visiting performers.


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