Vogue lady says we’re fat (and not just a little bit)

Just read my new edition of Newsweek. They’re going high class now, if you didn’t know. Not one “Jon and Kate Plus 8” item. Not even as an ironic reference for a story about entitlement reform!

Anyway, here’s this from the “Scope” section (formerly Periscope, the quotes page):

“I’d just been on a trip to Minnesota, where I can only kindly describe most of the people I saw as little houses.”
~ Vogue editor Anna Wintour, on her decision to print a story about the perils of obesity in the magazine.

Little houses? As soon as I finish gnawing on this block of cheese I’m going to march up to her office and let her have what for. I haven’t been this angry since … (heavy breathing) … hell … I’m winded. Spot me, I’m winded.


  1. So much better than being a little snot, IMHO.

  2. There certainly are a lot of heavy people in Northern Minnesota, and probably a higher percentage than in southern Minnesota. I always figured it was because we have such long winters. However, statistically speaking, the deep south has more heavy people, I remember seeing this quoted on the news.

    Actually, my doctor told me that our perceptions have changed. He told me that he has gradually changed his frame of reference to viewing overweight people as sort of average, rather than way up on the BMI scale as they really are.

    I’m in the same boat. If I gain 2 more pounds, I’d be considered overweight on a BMI scale, but people view me as being in good shape, but I know that the 30 pounds I’ve gained is with me somewhere.

  3. I hardly think that Anna Wintour is the go-to gal for perspective on what is/is not healthy. The trainer lady from “The Biggest Loser”? Yes. The editor of a fashion magazine who is constantly surrounded by couture and heroin-chic models? No.

  4. How to say it — I get home to Minnesota only every few years, and agree.

    Not only is Anna Wintour in the fashion industry and accustomed to looking at super-thin models, she’s in New York and Paris where people do a lot of walking every day. So, in comparison, yes, a lot of people in Minnesota (and in much of the US where a sedentary lifestyle is the norm) resemble little houses.

  5. Actually, I agree with her, but I think that Ms. Wintour’s perspective could be skewed due to her close proximity to the fashion world.

  6. Anonymous says

    If she was trying to be kind when she called us “little houses”, I wonder what she REALLY thought!
    Perhaps we should break her little stick arms…….
    (Just kidding. That’s not Minnesota nice.)
    Let her live in her insulated super-thin world, where she’ll be happy.

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