Hot guns, we’ve got letters

A couple of compelling letters to the editor ran in today’s Hibbing Daily Tribune and relate to recent posts here. The first, penned by former Tribune editor Al Zdon, takes on Ironworld’s new name. (My post on the topic). The second, arguing for the preservation of HCC Theater, is signed by several local theater people. (Again, my post). Both are worth a read.


  1. So Ironworld changed its name to “Minnesota Discovery Center,” which is blander, but it allows the center to “tap funding from a wider range of entities.” Ah. Also “Ironworld” sounded too much like “Wally World.”
    Why not give it an accurate name like “Money Pit?” Or better yet, make something that people would actually go to, like a real Wally World. That’d bump the annual attendance above two digits. Especially if you get to flatten the moose’s nose.

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