Marty and Gaertner interviews on the way

In the next week I’ll be featuring more interviews with DFL Minnesota gubernatorial candidates. Today I’ll be talking to State Sen. John Marty. That interview synopsis and analysis will be posted in a few days. In the next week or so I hope to be in touch with Susan Gaertner. I’ve done four interviews already — Tom Bakk, Paul Thissen, Mark Dayton, Matt Entenza — and yet I still haven’t completed half of the potential field. What’s that story about the guy with the rock, pushing the rock up the hill, but, like, it never gets there? Yeah. That one.

My format is only quasi-journalistic. The first portion of my post is a straight-forward profile in the words of the candidate. The second is a piece of analysis where I apply my own opinions, though delicately, offering my best take of where these candidates stand for the Iron Range and the state as a whole.

Because my blog is generally positioned as a center-left publication I haven’t interviewed any Republicans yet, but would if they wanted to talk to me.


  1. Anonymous says

    Highlighting your “center” positions would be helpful. They’re hard to find…thanks

  2. Guns, balanced budgets, political system reform, reducing the national debt, the importance of personal responsibility. These are my centrist positions.

    Honestly pal, if my politics bother you so much why do you post anonymous comments here all day? We disagree about the role of government. Can you accept that?

  3. Anonymous says

    One – I’ve come to understand politics have a significant impact on my life. i.e…I removed the seat belts my ’74 Chevy, first new car I ever owned. They were uncomfortable to sit on. I’m now legally obligated to wear them even though I, my kids and 88% of Minnesotans do. What a waste of legislators time in passing this law.

    Two – I accept, understand and agree there will always be differences of opinion in role of government. But also understand “the feelings of entitlement will doom us”. And we’re headed down the path more than ever…so I’m simply trying to slow the slide.

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