Meantime, over at that other blog: another Bakk post

By special request I wrote a post on State Sen. Tom Bakk’s gubernatorial campaign over at the Minnesota Progressive Project. Not much new, but saying things that aren’t new about one of the 8,768 gubernatorial campaigns is so hot right now.


  1. What would Rukavina’s chances look like if he ran? He has much more name recognition which could help him. I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

    (One time in my small Southern Minnesota town newspaper, (Litchfield Independent Review, Rukavina wrote in response to our editors criticism of him. The criticism stemmed from when the editor stated that he was a bar owner in reference to his stance on the smoking ban, which was actually not him but another Range legislator. In his typical confrontational style he replied with a letter, and one line especially sticks out to me, “I know all us Rangers look alike to you down there, but…” Classic. Unfortunately I can’t find the letter on the site anymore.)

  2. Great story.

    Rukavina has better name ID but he would pay a price for that, too. His unsavory sound bite file is deep and unlike Franken he couldn’t say he was just kidding all the time. But I’ve talked to friends about how a Tommy Rukavina underground campaign from bar to bar, hall to hall, across the state could yield a surprising result.

    But no, he probably wouldn’t be considered top tier if he ran. It’d be something to see, though. Bakk is getting bigger chatter because he can raise more money.

  3. Anonymous says

    A Rukavina campaign seems to be more of a perpetual threat to influence who runs for governor. It seems that someone ponders running, and Rukavina hints that if they run, he’ll run. I think the implied result is that Rukavina would then stir up enough controversy to kill the DFL ticket for another year.

    OTOH, this is the state that elected a third-party, feather-boa-wearing, cigar-smoking, former wrestler/actor/Navy SEAL, so who knows!

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