Meet Joliet Jake

Some positive news on the HCC Theater story. Hibbing Community College has announced a resumed search for a full time theater director to be hired on a temporary basis. This will allow the theater community to reorganize and adopt a model that includes outside fundraising to fill in where the budget cuts have hit the college.

The first step in this process — the step that involves YOU — is Thursday night’s HCC Theater Support Gala featuring the reunion of the Blues Brothers and several other successful HCC productions. The show starts at 7:30 p.m. at the Hibbing High School Auditorium, one of the architectural gems of northern Minnesota. Come on down! If you can’t make it, consider a donation to HCC Theater instead. There’s a pretty specific financial target that needs to be hit for this to work.

Over the weekend I posted the first video of Elwood Blues in Santa Monica. Today I plan to post the second video of Joliet Jake Blues in an undisclosed location. You Tube is sassing us, so here is the link to the Facebook video. You need to be a Facebook member to see it but that’s easy to do.


  1. What is the salary for the director position?

    I hear Franken has been selected senator.

  2. K-Rod… Chill. Just, chill.

  3. Six figures?

  4. Are you seriously asking that question? The administrators don’t even make six figures.

    Truth be told I can’t cite what starting pay for a TFT position is these days, but it’s public information. It’s a middle class kind of salary but you have to have an advanced degree which means most people who take these jobs are paying off school debt. No one’s getting rich, if that’s your implication.

  5. It is a valid question, Aaron.
    Didn’t the budget issue start this discussion? Wouldn’t the salary info be needed to determine how much “outside fundraising to fill in where the budget cuts have hit”?

    “advanced” degree required? Hmmmm

    School debt? We don’t know that.

    No one’s getting rich? Not that you know of anyway, eh?


    Aaron, I would suggest local business sponsorship and advertising for theatrical productions to help close the gap. All businesses love to have their logo on a flyer or program or shirt…

    Any businesses sponsoring the HCC Theater Support Gala?

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