Zinc? Fox News would tap that

Fox News reported on the debate over nonferrous mineral mining on the Iron Range near the Boundary Waters. The online story is boilerplate “jobs vs. environment” chatter, but the video is good fun regardless of your opinion of Fox News. Megyn Kelly mispronounces Ely and references “taking a crack at that zinc and so on.” To cap it off, Kelly points out that there are 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. “Maybe people will have to go to a different one this summer.”

Ha ha! Anyway, good Fox News fun with a local twist.


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  2. I am very concerned about the impact the increased mercury in our water will have on unborn children. A temporary and risky “benefit” to the economy is NOT worth the well being and cognitive skills of our children.

    See http://www.sosbluewaters.org for more information.

  3. It might not matter, how can you feed a family on the Iron Range if you don’t have a job?

    “unborn children”?
    Abort them Obama style: late term!
    (aka partial birth abortion for those that actually value human life.)

  4. I want to view that link. Get me DSL. How come the people at the lake, here 3 months of the year at the most, have DSL through Qwest, and I can’t get it. Is it because the land values in other townships are lower?

    Sorry to be off topic with my comments. Fox new: I can only think that there is some inbreeding. Delete this if you wish.

  5. PS, maybe you should start your own company to deliver high speed internet in your township. Undercut Qwest and take their market share in nearby townships!

    As for the video, Kelly is hot.

  6. Threat or not, surely you can find some source better than Faux News. Please don’t encourage them!

  7. The biggest risk of mercury contamination to our lakes isn’t going to be from a Cu-Ni mine. Besides, mercury is a manageable risk to our lives – watch your fish consumption. My biggest concern for our unborn children is pharmaceuticals in our water and those are damn near impossible to remove. At least there are promising treatment solutions being investigated for mercury. Sigh… it truly is a difficult balance.

  8. Pretty hard to undercut Qwest when their prices are so very low and supposedly “for life.” And supposedly new equipment needs to be installed to get the DSL in an area. I suppose the reason they are so slow to get to all the areas is that their charges are less than 1/2 of other services I could get. But their DSL is faster than my other “fast” alternatives (radio and satellite), which is why I’m waiting. What I don’t understand is that where Qwest has DSL, a customer has to be within 6 miles of a certain kind of box or switching station to receive it, yet I live only 1 1/2 mile from their building in town and they say I can’t get it. I think that they figure that the townships are just full of old people without computers, but they must figure that the lake people have money or clout.

  9. Anonymous says

    Fox continues to blow away the competition with their common sense reporting.

    I remember playing with mercury as a kid, having no seat belts for cars, drinking water from a garden hose, riding bikes with no helmet and using lead based paint. Impossible, but still here I am…

    But that was in the days when the Ranger had good schools.

  10. Anonymous says

    And when did any of our good schools ever teach logical argumentation? Just remember, all alcoholics started on milk.

  11. PS, it sounds like a conspiracy against YOU!

    Steve, nice loony liberal talking point, the oh so “clever” faux news.

    Anon, Fox has great ratings. Rembember when they made up that memo about the President, talk about BIAS! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    As far as Hg, read the story of the mad hatter… yes, it can be harmful at certain levels.

    We must be mindful of polutants but not obsessed with zero polution or 100% clean up. Sensible people can agree that certain levels are not dangerous. Those in utopia can go… ride a unicorn head.

  12. You want zero pollution? Becareful.
    You spew pollution every time you exhale.

    Anon, some babies are started on formula not milk.

  13. Anonymous says

    Sorry to see the whackos have found your blog Aaron. You’ll never have another respectful discussion on here again.

    Fox News top ratings confirm its position as an entertainment outlet, not news or factual base.
    The National Enquirer out sales all newspapers. Anyone who quotes that as hard news, deserved the ridicule they’ll receive.

  14. I have little patience for people that can’t separate the facts from the bias; I have even less patience for those that blindly spew talking points.

    Project much?
    Is that your definition of “respectful discussion”?

    Who was that jounalist, maybe it wasn’t fox news, that gets a tingle in his pants when ever Obama speaks? Is that what you meant by “hard” news, Anon?

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