Iron Range county fairs bring beer, cheer, carnies to town

The St. Louis County Fair opens this Wednesday and runs through Sunday. The Itasca County Fair comes two weeks later. These events mark the waning days of summer for most red-blooded Iron Rangers. The blue bloods get a few more weeks until the houseboats come off Vermilion. The green bloods are still hospitalized. Don’t even get me started on the purple bloods.

UPDATE: Correction, Itasca County Fair is Aug. 19-23.


  1. I once wrote a story for the Houston County News about carnies. Few of them will give their real name or let you take photos, because they have arrest warrants in certain states. Fun people, though. Just people who have made some mistakes in life.

  2. The red bloods are thinkin about getin the shack ready for hunting season.

    The ice bloods are thinkin about getting the sleds tuned up for the winter.

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