Oh, and one more thing while I’m getting warmed up

If I can add anything else to my earlier post about Excelsior Energy’s changes to the Mesaba Energy Project it is to remind everyone in Minnesota politics that this project DOES NOT represent a universally agreed-upon solution to economic development or energy policy for the Iron Range or anywhere else. Take heed, our new U.S. Senator Al Fraken. Take heed, senior Sen. Amy Klobuchar. We need your help on a thousand issues. This issue, unfortunately, benefits the few over the many. Treat it like any other power plant for any other well-heeled investor.

My word is boondoggle. A project that exists to exist, unsustainable but surviving though a parasitic dependence on political patronage.


  1. Hey, you might just have something in common with the conservatives. But at least you’ve done your research.

  2. Good choice of word.
    Sounds a lot like the Obama stimuless plan, Aaron.

    How is that HOPE and CHANGE treatin ya?

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