One take on Rukavina’s governor ambitions

My urban progressive friend Grace Kelly penned a post for the Minnesota Progressive Project that is bullish on legendary Iron Range State Rep. Tom Rukavina’s chances if he runs for governor. This post is worth a read, but you should especially check the video of Rukavina’s speech at the recent DFL State Central Committee meeting held on the Iron Range. Rukavina’s message is important but his delivery and style reminds me of what I love about having grown up in the Iron Range political tradition. Very important things happened on the Iron Range and Rukavina always remembers that even if others have forgotten. He receives a good deal of criticism from those across the spectrum, some of it fair, but he remains one of the most fearless and big-hearted Iron Range leaders of his generation.

Again, I must reiterate my neutrality in the governor’s race. Rukavina is a deep longshot if he runs but you can bet he’d add spark to the mix.


  1. Anonymous says

    I agree, Rukavina would add some spark but only due to the fact he’s a buffoon…

  2. Jennifer Rian says

    Buffoon or not, it appears to me that Rukavina is a person who does what he says he’s going to do. He’s not perfect (by any stretch of the imagination) however, I feel like he’s a politician I can actually trust. I respect anyone in public office with such a solid understanding of our history combined with the sincere passion for the “common good” that he brings to the table.

    I find the option of his entering the governor’s race intriguing and at this point I would consider voting for him.

  3. Anonymous says

    Intimidation is a part of all people’s personality. However, when it’s the dominate personality trait, the person shouldn’t be “representing” a broad spectrum of people.

    But that’s not the primary reason not to vote for him if he runs. I’ll give you more logical reasons Jennifer, if he does throw his hat in the ring. It’ll be fun…

  4. Grace “9/11 troofer” Kelly, eh Aaron.

    Please tell us you don’t believe Bush took down the WTC and Pawlenty took down the I-35 bridge.

    Also, do support Tommy’s namecalling on the state house floor? How childish and unprofessional. Hardly rises to the level of Governor.

  5. And the response is:


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