Rukavina files paperwork for governor run

Longtime Iron Range state representative and colorful orator Tom Rukavina has filed state finance board paperwork to run for governor, according to Minnesota Progressive Project.

UPDATE: The Mesabi Daily News has the exclusive first interview, albeit brief.


  1. Is he going to also run for representative is case he loses?

    Listen up folks, Tommy “Osama bin” Rukavina does not have the temperment to be governor.

    The scary thing is this state is crazy enough to keep on embarassing itself… wrastler… comedian of porn…

  2. Anonymous says

    You got it K-Rod…
    This otta be a circus to watch play out, a real side-show.

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  4. This should make the race interesting anyway! Now we have two Iron Range legislators running who seem to like to stick their feet in their mouths. This race will be entertaining.

    Any chance of a third Iron Range legislator running? One who doesn’t stick their foot in their mouth or other bodily orifice continually? Maybe someone should ask the campaign chairs of all legislators in the area…

    On another note, I would not discount any DFL politician who gets the nomination for governor, as I really don’t see many Minnesotans voting Republican for governor after King Pawlenty destroyed much of our state.

    MY VIEW: I would love to see someone in the governors seat who is not from the metro area. Be they, DFL, Republican, or Independent. I think outstate Minnesota has suffered under the many years of metro governors.

  5. “King Pawlenty destroyed…”

    Well, once again S’tweasel has nothing to back it up. THE SKY IS FALLING, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

    At least the governor did his job. He had enough courage to get this state through a budget crisis more than once.

    S’tweasel, do you realize we have this thing called the house and senate? Yep, and Tommy “Osama bin” Rukavina is a Rep in the house. Yep, a Virgina boy that doesn’t have the temperment to be governor.

  6. K-Rod, stop attacking commenters on my blog. I’ll ban you. If you keep coming back with unproductive, annoying comments I’ll ban you. I’ve gotten e-mails from readers who won’t comment because of you. I don’t think you’re as crazy as your posts, so this is your warning. Just stop it. You know what you’re doing.

  7. Anonymous says

    Ok..My comment got bounced for saying Tommy’s claim to fame was he introduced a bill calling for the making socks in Virginia (U.S.) for state employees. What he really said was the following…

    “The cultural heritage and identity of our state is enriched by the understanding of our past,” said Rukavina.

    Rukavina also said, “The Jobs and Economic Development conference committee report include the following provisions:

    • Ice Hockey is designated as the official state sport
    • Requires uniforms for public employees be Made in America to help our manufacturing base.”

    As I said, it’ll be a hoot with him in the gubernatorial mix..

  8. Anon,

    I totally agree that Tommy “Osama bin” Rukavina will make the race a big joke.

    Hockey as the official state sport sounds like a big waste of money we don’t have. Wake up folks.

    Economic isolationism is not the answer to this Obama depression. Start up a COMPETITIVE business that makes uniforms and you can gain market share the old fashioned way; EARN IT.


    Is this really what you consider productive, Aaron? “King Pawlenty destroyed…”

    Pointing out that an idea or statement is so rediculous that it borders on idiotic is not attacking the person, it is criticizing the idea. Why are you so against pointing out how certain ideas and statements are wrong? Why? Bias clouding your judgement?

    I would hope others would have the guts to comment and I would hope they are intellectually honest enough to accept criticism of any foolish ideas or comments they post.

    Sorry that I didn’t sugar coat it Aaron; my comments can be a bitter pill of truth for liberals to swallow.

    In your heart you know I am right.

  9. I use the term “king” because a monarch rules without input from any other governing body. Pawlenty’s illegitimate, (not for its intended purpose), use of unalottment puts him in this position when it comes to our budget.

    Our state has maintained a high standard of living due in many ways to our social programs. We have always taken care of our own when it comes to, education, healthcare, and taking care of our most downtrodden. Pawlenty has taken all that and thrown it away.

    Pawlenty has done nothing but increase the burden of state and local governments on the middle and lower classes. He has somehow managed to single handedly put our state in a precarious position for years to come. It’s all plain to read in the cuts he made, and the deficits he made for years to come. He put the burden on the next governor.

    As for a “Obama depression”, only a blinded partisan would try to place the balame for the state of the economy on Obama. Or maybe you were blacked out during the last two years of the Bush administration?

    I like how anonymous commentors always seem to pop up in support of your opinions. Perhaps they are you?

  10. s’weasel, stop attacking commenters on Aaron’s blog; he’ll ban you.

    “without input”
    Wow, the House and Senate certainly were derelict in their duty if they provided NO input this session. If that is the case s’weasel, they should all be removed from office.

    “Pawlenty has taken all that and thrown it away.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Well, once again s’weasel has nothing to back it up. THE SKY IS FALLING, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!

    The burden is on the House and Senate to balance the budget. They failed; thankfully Pawlenty had the courage to get the job done, as required by the constitution!!!

    The problem with your socialism is that it only “works” until you run out of other peoples’ money to spend.

    s’weasel, sorry if my comments are a bitter pill of truth for you to swallow.

  11. “Without input”, was Pawlenty telling the legislature he would not even look at a budget if one were proposed. He stated he would use unallotment before a budget bill was even written.

    The sky is falling. It has been for some time. The wealth of the middle class has been being sucked upward since the Reagan administration. The rich get richer and the middle class get poorer. Look at any demographics and you will see this. “Socialism”, as you call it is a way of providing for the basic needs of those who have been trampled by elitist laissez faire capitalism.

    As far as swallowing your “bitter pill”, it appears as though most of America vomited up that poison last November.

    Statistics and elections prove I am right. I suggest you move to a ultra conservative state like Mississippi where all the conservatives live a Utopian dream. Oh wait, they don’t.

  12. S’weasel, are you claiming the House and Senate didn’t even attempt to propose a budget?
    Wow, they truly were derelict in their sworn duty. Throw the bums out!!!

    “The sky is falling. It has been for some time.”
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Well, once again s’weasel has nothing to back it up. THE SKY IS FALLING, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!

    “providing for the basic needs”
    What basic needs?
    “Free” health care?
    Homo marriage?
    A “free” free-range-chickens delivered for every pot? Free? Then make mine surf and turf; I love steak and lobster!!! Well, you said it was free!

    The class warfare tactics are typical of Liberal Fascists.

    American is the land of opportunity.
    The Liberal Fascists can’t comprehend the definition of opportunity.
    “Opportunity” is not taking from some by force to give to others in order to make everyone equally poor.

    My Karma just ran over your Dogma

  13. “Statistics…”
    You provided NONE.

    “…and elections prove…”

    “when you win, you keep your money; when we win, we take your money!” – Cy Thao

    I can spot that Liberal Fascism a mile away.

    Game. Set. Match.


    Here is what Warren Buffet proved when it comes to taxation in this country. Wow he payed a lesser percentage on his $46 million dollar earnings than did his secretary ho made about $50,000 dollars. About half the tax rate she paid.

    Here is the wikipedia article on wealth distribution with all kinds of sources listed on the bottom of the page for you to look at.

    Socialism yeah right…we don’t even provide health care to our own people, while our elite grow richer and richer on the backs of the what remains of the middle class. The way things have been going seem to prove Karl Marx right.

    Class warfare has been taking place for many years, and we the people have been losing. Losing because somehow the “conservatives”, have been able to make it look like they are trying to stop “big government” from killing us with excessive spending. All the while filling the pockets of the richest of the rich.

    I won’t even denigrate myself into discussing “Homo marriage” with you.

    I’m done posting so fire away with your best retorts, I’m sure they won’t matter to any educated people reading this back and forth anyway.

    By the way expressing your opinion and then stating that you won is asinine. Nobody wins, people will form their own opinions, which by definition is what they think is correct. If it makes you feel better about yourself to write things like “game set match”, or “my karma just ran over your dogma”, you are ending up kind of like Stuart Smalley, saying to himself in the mirror, “And Gosh Darnit people like me.”

    Who was that actor who played him again? I think I just compared you to him…

  15. I would be open to a flat tax as well, s’weasel.
    We agree! Nice.
    How about 12% income tax on everyone at the federal level and 4% at the state level and get rid of our state’s “temporary” sales tax, death tax, ect.
    Then your hero Warren Buffet would pay the same percentage income tax, eh. Warren Buffet is such a cheap SOB that he wouldn’t pay his secratary even a tiny fraction of a percent of what he makes.
    Great example there, s’weasel.

    Government revenue from taxes is to pay for the government expenses, not to redistribute to others.

    So why do the Liberal Fascists always think everyone else owes them something? Then they use class warfare take from others by force. Not exactly what our founders had in mind.

    In your heart you know I am right.

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