Entenza wins Itasca County straw poll

I haven’t been blogging regularly because of a variety of writing projects. Otherwise I would have told you about last night’s DFL Expo in Grand Rapids which featured yet another forum for DFL candidates for governor. Though not all candidates were in attendance, seven of them did make the trek to Itasca Community College. I was speaking in a different corner of the Range yesterday but heard this morning that the straw poll yielded an interesting result:

Matt Entenza won. Iron Range legislators Tom Rukavina and Tom Bakk finished second and third, respectively. Other candidates there included Susan Gaertner, Steve Kelley, Mark Dayton and Paul Thissen (though I don’t know how the rest finished in the poll). Now this result is fascinating to me, but should also include an asterisk. The candidates who weren’t there: Margaret Anderson Kelliher, John Marty and R.T. Rybak are all people I predict will carry some level of support in Itasca County and greater Minnesota in general (particularly Kelliher, with her farm roots, and Marty, with his support from progressive groups). Their absence affected the outcome.

Nevertheless, Matt Entenza should be pretty pleased with this result as I would have expected the Range candidates to do much better against him in a county that includes Range towns.


  1. Entenza bought the Range, too?

  2. “Entenza bought the Range”

    What a dumb comment. He’s been traveling greater MN for months now. His message and tenacity is probably what won the straw poll.

  3. When the breadth of Entenza’s lies, deceptions and lack of ethics reaches Iron Range voters they’ll be looking elsewhere for a candidate to support.

  4. You bring back the comments section and then write a post about Matt Entenza?

    Tsk, tsk, Aaron. You know that’s just dangling flame-bait. 😉

    I’m curious, though, which candidate, if any, has the most yard signs up on Da Range?

  5. There are no lawn signs whatsoever. Your average Iron Ranger (probably your average Minnesotan) is completely disconnected from this race. The huge number of candidates is sucking out all the oxygen, coupled with fatigue from the cable news yelling on the teevee. All of this posturing and politicking is occurring among a few hundred political insiders. This straw poll was conducted among 50 or so attendees, all of whom are party regulars who go to everything.

  6. It will be interesting to see if Matt Entenza’s extremely wealthy wife can buy him the Governor’s seat.

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