Owner of Iron Range papers faces default

Offered without commentary because of its potential significance to local media:

“Superior Publishing owner faces technical default” (Business North, Oct. 13, 2009)

In another sign of distress in region’s newspaper industry, the owner of 11 dailies and weeklies in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin confirmed it expects to be in technical default on loan covenants related to their 2007 purchase.

[Australia-based] American Consolidated Media’s properties include Minnesota newspapers in Virginia, Hibbing, and Grand Rapids; and Wisconsin newspapers in Ashland, Hayward, Spooner, Park Falls and Phillips.


  1. This is good.
    There is a need for local newspapers that is not being well met by the current papers on the range. This could leave an opportunity for someone else to fill this niche maybe with a better execution than the current people.

    It would also be nice to see some competition between the papers in the different towns to get different perspectives on events, or co-operation between the papers in the different towns, so you could know what is going on with your neighbors.

  2. The current herald, hibbing and mesabi papers are very tough to read. Their editor’s are out of touch with young readers and it’s no wonder you see their subscription base dwindeling. Not to mention I can go to any other newspaper, statewide and region wide and read online for free. Not the case with the northern MN papers. Plus the herald-review needs a new editor…badly.

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