WDIO: KeeTac restart delayed

WDIO is reporting about a potential setback in the economic recovery on the Iron Range. Steelworkers suspect that the scheduled October restart of the idled U.S. Steel Keewatin Taconite plant will be postponed. It’s not known how long the delay will last, but maintenance workers are apparently winterizing the equipment. That’s not good.

Unemployment continues to decline on the Iron Range, but the ups and downs of KeeTac show that the road back will be complicated.


  1. I have been doing some research on hunting land near nashwauk mn that KEETAC owns. If anyone reading is aware of current policies for 2009 – please let me know. I see that much of the land just south of nashwauk is a part of the Sustainable Forest Hunting Program – however I have been told that all of the gates are currently closed just south of town. Any info would be helpful.

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