The Whistling Bird is no more

The Whistling Bird, the Iron Range’s best (and only) Jamaican restaurant, has closed. For a decade, the “Bird” represented a pearl of uniqueness in the blue collar grit of the Iron Range. There is nothing funny about this. Nothing at all.

The MDN has its story behind the pay wall. The DNT will post its story on Thursday, according to its food blog.


  1. Jennifer Rian says

    I just saw this on the wdio website while I was looking for something else. At first I thought I read it wrong. A sad day indeed for the Iron Range. Wonderful restaurant, wonderful people.

  2. Does this make Palmer’s the fanciest restaurant on the Range?

  3. Hardy har har, expat!

    Palmer’s is still the place to go when you aren’t feeling “stabby” but we have many other fine places to purchase high end cheeseburgers, as I’m sure you recall.

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