E-book/Wrath of God update

I am proceeding with plans to publish my series of DFL governor candidate interviews into a revised and improved (and highly affordable) e-book. Ideally this book will become outrageously popular with the 1,000-plus DFL delegates, campaign staffs and journalists covering the race. At $2.95 a pop you can imagine how papa might yet get a new dock out of this sordid business. Right now I’m deciding on the best method of distributing the book, but my goal is to have something you can load up as a PDF or into your Kindle. It’s actually quite an intriguing experiment that has me thinking of other e-publishing ideas. Hey, anything to justify my delays in writing my novel, eh? (HA HA HA … WEEP WEEP WEEP)

I was a little disheartened to see this excellent piece of analysis on the governor’s race from MinnPost’s Doug Grow. (“17 candidates on the long march,” a great read). I had planned something virtually identical for the e-book. Then Susan Gaertner and Steve Kelley did the Primary Shuffle, rendering much moot. Then, two days later, the only copy of my first draft of the thing was saved onto a flash drive that, at this moment, is believed to be stuck somewhere in our washing machine’s drainage system. In other words, God smote my post using Doug Grow and a household appliance. I am mentally constructing a sermon about grace and fate, which is also a nice distraction from trying to write a novel.

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