Employees picket the Duluth News Tribune

Employees at the Duluth News Tribune picketed the building today in protest of continued job cuts at the Forum Communication-owned property. The entire newspaper industry is enduring economic hardship, particularly at dailies, but the cuts at the DNT have been staggering over the past few years, lately augmented by an increasingly tense relationship between management and the journalists and other professionals who create the content. Here’s a roundup from Perfect Duluth Day by way of the Northern Worker blog.

I keep hearing rumors the DNT being shopped around for sale, but they are only rumors. I suppose all corporate-owned papers are always available — for the right price. Buy me a drink and I’ll explain how that relates to the layoffs.


  1. Conducting a strike against an industry that’s dying doesn’t do much to attract new businesses.

    This whole NE Minnesota union mentality is the big elephant in the room regarding future business investment and therefore job growth..It’s a shame.

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