Range DFL gov candidates consider unity plan

I have learned from two sources that Tom Bakk told people at the SD-05 convention that he and Tom Rukavina have discussed combining forces before the April DFL state convention, uniting behind the one of them with the most pledged support. This puts even more importance on Bakk doing well in his home district and Duluth next weekend. It would also heighten the pressure on Bakk and Rukavina as they pry delegates from every other corner of the state. As I wrote earlier, Rukavina carried the day this weekend at the SD-05 gathering in Hibbing and boasts a delegate advantage at this time.

Regardless of whether the candidate is Rukavina or Bakk, a united Iron Range campaign is bound to be more competitive at the convention than two competing ones. Further, it would help either of them as they contest the remaining labor endorsements.

It bears mentioning that the Iron Range share of the convention floor will practically include less than 10 percent of the vote, 10-15 percent more if you include Duluth (which you shouldn’t because it will be less unified). This entire enterprise is based on the premise that one of these candidates can garner support from delegates beyond the Range faithful.


  1. Ruki got delegates in the metro this weekend: 1 in SD59 and 3 in SD58

  2. Anonymous says

    One big difference between the 2 is Bakk’s broader statewide support. For instance, Bakk got 3 delegates in Blue Earth County – where Rukavina’s name never even got said out loud.

  3. Anonymous says

    Aaron you did a great job on this article. I am so proud of Rukavina and the great job he is doing and I was humbled by the speech that Bakk gave at the 05SD Convention in Hibbing. But Rukavina surpasses Bakk in many ways and my vote is still strong for Rukavina.

    We will see Rukavina surge ahead and become a powerful force at the State Convention; looking forward to a great time.


  4. Anonymous says

    Great reporting, Aaron! Assuming the Range coalition does not carry the day at the convention, it will be interesting to see where the support goes. Looks like Paul Thissen is doing well outstate, and I’m sure Matt Entenza will be competitive.

  5. Anonymous says

    Aaron, thanks for your attention to this. It’s good for us metro people to get updates on what’s going on in your part of the state and what the viewpoints are.

    Also – LOVE your book, Overburden! I highly recommend it to those who have not read it yet.

    Mpls Gal

  6. Anonymous says

    Rukavina seems like a fun guy but what has he done to create an atmosphere which inspires businesses to move here…and in turn create jobs here?

    I’ve looked and can’t find a single bill that he’s authored which creates jobs. Can you name one? Thanks

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