This week’s column bumped for newspaper vs. teachers fight

My weekly column for today was bumped from the opinion page of the Hibbing Daily Tribune to make space for an ongoing kerfuffle between HDT publisher Wanda Moeller and the local teacher’s union, a sprawling epic that’s played out each of the past three Sundays. I expect my column — which was about rural homelessness and the GMAC debate here in Minnesota — will run some time this week or next Sunday, as far as I know.

Oh, brother, I am NOT a fan of how this newspaper vs. teachers debate is unfolding in Hibbing. It has all the makings of a lose-lose for both sides (that being the teachers, who still don’t have a contract, and Wanda and the Tribune, who are bleeding subscribers like, well, a newspaper). I’d link the whole works but they have the paywall up now. I’ll try to elaborate if I have time later this week.

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