"Come Home Bob" gets attention

Iron Range Tourism’s “Come Home Bob” campaign to bring Bob Dylan back to his home region is getting attention. The video, which includes a bulbous, strange-looking version of yours truly, is spanning the internet. More and more people are becoming fans and signing the petition to get Bob to come home.

Minnesota Public Radio has the AP story which spread quickly off the Duluth News Tribune story. Wednesday’s Duluth News Tribune and Hibbing Daily Tribune will have stories, and we’ll just see what happens from there.

In all this we learn that Bob Dylan is currently in Japan. That’s far away, but the good people at Iron Range Tourism, upon consulting numerous resources and a handy Japanese-to-English translation guide, stand ready to help Bob figure out the flight configurations that could bring him to the Range Regional Airport or another nearby airstrip impervious to the relentless flashbulbs of our local paparazzi. Stay tuned.


  1. Anonymous says

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  2. Mom said she saw something about this on the news today! No, I may not know the famous Bob Dylan, but I do (semi) know the new “It” guy named Aaron Brown. You just keep rockin’ it out, boi. Good for you!

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