Iron Ranger on the CBS to-night!

So back in college I used to have this summer job where I would travel around the seven-county area of northern Minnesota’s Arrowhead region, including the Iron Range, to inspect youth summer work sites and write press releases. That’s boring, except for the part where the guy who took the job after me is on “Rules of Engagement” at 7:30 CST tonight on CBS. He’s pictured at right trying to sell an affordable zipper sweatshirt that is NOT FOR SALE. Seriously though, Jaime’s a great guy.

The Hibbing Daily Tribune online-only Monday edition has the story (subscription only) with the amusing headline “Hibbing native to appear on comedy sitcom.” Better that than a tragedy sitcom!

Jaime plays the part of a bible group leader who has a role in the presumably hilarious antics of the program about people, some of whom are David Spade. Anyway, Tintor is a hardcore Ranger living in L.A. and you should send him hearty huzzahs on this eve. Fans of this blog might remember Jaime as the guy who played Elwood Blues on the Hibbing Community College Theater stage and who reprised that role to help save the theater program at a benefit last summer.

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