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It’s been a gut check week for me and this blog. I had intended for MinnesotaBrown to be a titanic force at last weekend’s DFL convention in Duluth. We had some fun, I guess. My convention re-cap got a little bit of attention, but mostly I was just another delegate struggling with the lousy wifi on the floor trying to figure out right from wrong. In the end, my writing was only notable in that my chiding of ReNEW proved more incendiary than what Michael Brodkorb had to say (ruh-row!).

As we hit the month of May on the Iron Range I’m behind on an unsettling number of projects. Dylan Days (May 27-30 in Hibbing) is approaching. I’ll be editing an expanded version of our annual literary journal “Talkin‘ Blues.” Next week we drop the third and final of the “Come Home Bob” videos I’ve been hosting for Iron Range Tourism. I owe a video post to MinnEcon and an Iron Range news analysis piece to the Scenic Range News-Forum. All of this as I begin my participation in the exciting new MinnPost Minnesota Blog Cabin, a cool feature you should check out. In short, I’m behind and Aquaman could use a little help here, sea creatures.

I’ve been posting less this year to focus on my writing and, as you’d expect, readership and participation have both dropped off. It’s also impossible to determine (in the time I would allot such a task) how much of my readership has migrated to Twitter and Facebook. I’m going to continue the blog anyway, but if you’d like to see more variety and more Range news on here, please consider sending tips my way or tweeting me @minnesotabrown. Stay tuned for an exciting month!


  1. Well I know there is a whole boatload of us down here in da cities who think of your blog/cloumns as Titanic–or at least Willim A. Irvring-y.
    Please keep telling your stories…

  2. Yes, Aaron, I too am a city person who is grateful there is a voice like yours coming from the Northland. Really appreciate it!

  3. A little bit of your convention coverage also noted here.

  4. Its always fun to check your blog after hearing news from home. Always anxious to read your take on the issues. Keep blogging!

  5. Dude, keep the blog going. Facebook is too locked down and Twitter isn’t searchable beyond a few days, so neither are good places for people looking for background info on the stories you cover.

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