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My 2010 DFL Convention blogging is off to a slow start. Good thing there’s a generous dropoff rule, or I’d be out of the running for most awesome bloggy person writing vaguely accurate information on an iPod Touch. Ever try to get out of the house with three screaming boys under age 5 when you haven’t worn a tie in more than a year. Where are the ties? In which decade did these ties look good? Yikes.

All this is why my oft-promised e-book regarding the state of DFL politics and the role of the Iron Range and greater Minnesota in shaping this election is, in fact, non existent. There are easier ways to make $58 and jeopardize your personal relationships than writing and publishing an e-book, it was determined. Instead, how about I hook you up with live convention floor crack and valuable, indeed irreplaceable, insight on the machinations of Iron Range delegates and the strategies of the campaigns? Oh yeah! @minnesotabrown

I hate Twitter. Twitter hates me. Sounds like a good buddy cop comedy to me. Perhaps by the end of the weekend we’ll have learned something and formed a meaningful bond, a bond we share with you, reader.

Follow my feed @minnesotabrown for everything. I will post here as well, but the fast, totally unsubstantiated stuff you’re looking for will be on what the kids down on the mean streets of Canal Park call the Twitter.

Looking back…
SOUTH to Duluth


  1. Oh good, I’ll watch for your tweets. I’m stuck in Northfield.

    I embraced twitter after I realized it’s “mircro-blogging.” It’s blogging in 140 characters or less.

    Also, if you ask others questions about what they have tweeted (as you see the tweets) you’ll build a few connections and even some friends.

    FYI, I hear wild (such as stripes and even colors) and even a little wide ties are *in*. Not wearing that? I’m sure they’ll just love you anyway since you’re Aaron Brown.

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