My first Iron Range economic post for MinnEcon

Today I pull another media crossover/convergence/synergy gambit with this inaugural contribution to the MinnEcon blog by Minnesota Public Radio. I’ll be offering occasional video and text reports on the Iron Range economy as it relates to the state economy as a whole. This first one talks about how the Range economy is emerging from a terrible year with a lot of unanswered questions about the rest of 2010 and beyond. The MinnEcon post features my vlog and some interesting employment statistics for the region.

If you just want the video, here it is:

Posts that inspired and/or informed this piece include my most recent column “Fiber and Steel,” this item about Essar and this item about Duluth’s bid for high speed internet.

I was almost rousted off of HibTac land by a couple of miners who thought I might be the guy turning all their “Stop” signs into “Don’t Stop Believing” signs. I’m not. They were very friendly. I wish I had kept the Flip Cam running on that outtake.

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