SOUTH to Duluth

While most of the state’s DFL bloggers and politcos pack up their stuff for tomorrow’s state party convention in the great “northern” Zenith City of Duluth, Minnesota, some of us look to the southern horizon with a sense of uncertainty and excitement. Unlike most, I’ll be driving a hundred miles south to fulfill my duties as an uncommitted Itasca County delegate and Iron Range writer/blogger. On both fronts I am neither objective, nor unaware of how unusual I am. Not special, just unusual. Strange, really.

I’ll be releasing a series of posts before the convention begins and hope to live blog at least portions of the activities from the floor. I understand this puts a burden upon my nonpolitical and/or conservative readers, but I hope to keep the reports lively and fun. There’s just no hiding that I’m involved in the civic world and that I have political opinions. If you don’t like my particular brand of politics, pretend that I am instead traveling to Duluth for the convention of a large fraternal organization — the Bear People — and that there is a closely contested Supreme Bear election between five or six people with unpronounceable Eastern European names and that there is much to do about all this, but nothing to get worked up about.

Meantime, brush up on my 2008 and 2009 interviews with the remaining DFL candidates (listed, with some exception, in chronological order). I placed the six contesting and honoring this weekend’s endorsement. Perennial candidate Ole Savior did not respond to a request for an interview.

Margaret Anderson Kelliher

R.T. Rybak

Matt Entenza
(Contesting endorsement, will run in primary regardless).

Mark Dayton
(Not contesting endorsement, will compete in primary).

Susan Gaertner
(Not contesting endorsement, will compete in primary).

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