A DFL showdown-to-be in Lucky SD 7?

I have to go do some real stuff now but, howdy hey, Mark Dayton’s selection of State Sen. Yvonne Prettner Solon as his running mate also opens up a state senate seat in the heart of Duluth, a DFL bastion with a pretty deep political bench. Use the comment thread to speculate or announce your candidacy. I’ll be checking into this later and will try to have something up this week. I know it’s uncouth to talk about this so soon but when strongly partisan districts do a piss-poor job of picking candidates it messes up my world. So I’m raising the issue.

My theory: Roger Reinert if he wants it. If he doesn’t, madness.


  1. I like Roger a lot. I think Duluth will be well served if he is in the House or the Senate.

  2. Senator Solon said she wanted City Councilor Patrick Boyle to run for her seat at the press conference today.

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