Dylan Days is next week!

The season of Dylan Days is upon us, so excuse my infrequent posting and harried nature. Dylan Days, May 27-30 in Hibbing, is a community celebration of the arts and Minnesota native Bob Dylan who grew up in this Iron Range town. For the last nine years I’ve served as something of a spokesperson/ambassador for this event in addition to coordinating the Dylan Days literary events and editing the program/journal “Talkin’ Blues.” The press got an early start this year with the Iron Range Tourism campaign “Come Home Bob,” which featured yours truly doing my best Lorne Michaels impersonation.

Jean Cole from Hometown Focus posted a Q&A about Dylan Days and Come Home Bob. This one ended up being kind of fun because I managed to avoid falling into soundbite syndrome and said some interesting, probably inadvisable things. Additional stories with the Hibbing Daily Tribune and other media venues will be coming out this week through next.

Follow Dylan Days on Twitter @dylandays or “like it” on Facebook.

UPDATE: You can also catch WDSE Channel 8’s show The Playlist, which aired last night but is online and replaying tonight at midnight. Bob and Linda from Zimmy’s do the main interview, but they also air a segment they shot a week or so ago where I drive around Hibbing talking about various Dylan things.


  1. Thanks, Aaron, for the info. 😀

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