Scary flood pit to be drained

Today saw a major breakthrough in the Canisteo Pit story on northern Minnesota’s Iron Range. This old mine pit has seen rising waters since the end of mining activity decades ago, waters that now threaten, and occasionally moisten, the city of Bovey. Today the DNR announced plans to advance its vision of a solution over the wishes of the local authority, the Western Mesabi Mine Planning Board. (That’s right, I live in a place where that’s a real thing with real power). The mine planning board is suitably upset over this development, but the risk in doing nothing this year would be losing state bonding funds won last year. There’s more drama to come in all likelihood, but this signals that the pit will be drained for real — a good thing.

Story from WDIO.

CLARIFICATION: It’s been pointed out to me that the DNR plan does not fully drain the pit, rather it partially drains the pit. The idea is that the flood risk would be abated.

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