The Come Home Bob meta-interview

It’s that extra special season where I’m too busy to post but there’s tons going on. There’ll be a few more posts tonight. Most of my stress right now is coming from the upcoming Dylan Days, an arts event like no other based in the heart of Minnesota’s Iron Range May 27-30, 2010. I’m laying out the literary journal this week with final publicity pushes next week until the event itself. In addition, now begin the interviews. This year the media talks I do aren’t only about Dylan Days, but also Iron Range Tourism’s “Come Home Bob” campaign, a project to which I’ve lent my pitchman skill set.

This morning I talked to Lisa on independent public radio station KUMD’s high class morning show in Duluth about Come Home Bob. It was a fun interview. Check it out. The most amusing/insightful exchange probably occurred in regards to the image at right, the new Zimmy’s marquee featuring Bob Dylan’s high school girlfriend.

Sometimes I wonder why I, a community college instructor from the Iron Range, have this strange role. And yet I’m glad I do.

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