The delights of the Iron Range

This Lexington column from The Economist exudes many of the sentiments I’ve had about the possibilities for rural Minnesota and the Iron Range, if it steps up its internet infrastructure one way or another. This column is about “the delights of Idaho,” but don’t judge. The truth is that in coming decades more people, not fewer, will be trained professionals with complete choice over the physical location of work. Though this is now a niche market, and will remain as such for a time, it’s reason for hope for places with natural amenities, educational strength and economic development resources. Say what you will about the Iron Range, but we’ve got those things. This is an opportunity.


  1. I totally agree…with organizations now utilizing web-based meeting formats and conference calls, the concept of work and being in a cube five days a week is changing. If I had a job in which the physical location of my “office” didn’t matter, I’d be on the Range.

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