Vertical integration, yo

Spiking iron ore prices have been a boon to U.S. Steel whose stock jumped 5 percent recently. According to this article from The Street, all of this is thanks specifically to U.S. Steel’s Iron Range properties and vertical integration. Just file this thought away, people. A little something to remember at some point. Not sure why yet.


  1. Great catch. In my opinion, your gut instincts are right…people will remember US Steel’s stock jump because it signaled that a new era of mining is upon us and revealed Cleveland Cliffs as the mining company poised to lead the Iron Range into the future. The global market is experiencing a systemic upheaval in the iron ore industry because the pricing system that guided miners and steelmakers for the past four decades, the benchmark system, is dead killed by the big Three. Iron Range mining operations are beginning to feel the ramifications of a new pricing system and new structure known as the seaborne iron-ore market. I believe Cleveland Cliffs anticipated this ‘sea change’ and proactively worked to assert iron ore hegemony today and well into the future. I look forward to watching Cliffs lead the Iron Range and indeed, the world, into the seaborne iron ore era.

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