Another reason to love Range history: soccer version

If you’ve read my book “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range,” you know that I like making abstract, sometimes comical connections from history to the present. In that spirit, here is another reason I think northern Minnesota’s Iron Range can be a cool place sometimes. We all know the World Cup is coming up, right? Right? It’s soccer. They call it football. Anyway, the world eats this stuff up. An ad agency made up 32 promotional posters for each of the qualifying national teams in the World Cup. The American one is OK, I guess, depicting a soccer team crossing the Delaware River a la George Washington, presumably to kill Germans in their drunken slumber. But check out two of the posters for some of the Iron Range’s most famous ethnic groups! First Italy:

Then Slovenia:

The Finns aren’t in the world cup because they were too busy organizing a labor riot to field a team. Believe me these the two coolest posters in the group. Add four generations of beer and processed meat and does this explain the Range or what? Anyway, not sure this matters. Just have fun with it.

(hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)

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