Show some "sense," support KAXE tonight!

If you’re reading the internet on Saturday night you are, like me, not normal. Or perhaps we are normal in our common modern social affliction. Regardless, you are a person who appreciates the media, especially good media. KAXE is great media — radio, for sure, but also online news and information and content on demand. They’re wrapping up their “Come to Your Senses” summer fundraiser tonight.

Did I mention that KAXE is total independent public radio, providing original and NPR content to a vast swath of northern Minnesota? It is, and it’s amazing. While based in northern Minnesota, the station provides programming of appeal to people everywhere through PRX and the world wide web. If you listen you know that and should pledge your financial support now, if you haven’t yet. If you haven’t heard KAXE before tune in and see what you think. KAXE is a big part of the reason I continue this blog as I contribute to their Saturday morning show “Between You and Me” and the weekday morning shows. Show your support!

Read a recent past appeal regarding KAXE here.

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