Jubilee fever hits Hibbing this weekend

Saturday brings the Hibbing Jubilee parade and street dance to the Iron Range calendar. This event is notable as one in which I’ve marched in the parade many times for various political candidates and in which I hit it off with my wife Christina at the street dance back in 1998. We are not street dance people, which is why this is funny. I was destined to meet my future bride ironically, all I can ask for now is an honorable and yet somehow ironic death — ideally many years from now.

Hibbing is the largest Iron Range city and this is the largest annual event in Hibbing. Why not stop by? The parade is 3 p.m. Saturday along First and Howard and the street dance runs from 5 p.m. to midnight, featuring three different bands along Howard Street. No coolers allowed and, new for 2010, no pets. That means you, ferret and/or snake lady! This thing used to be called Mines and Pines Jubilee but they changed it! And no one noticed! Oh, wait…


  1. What about the breakfast at the airport?

  2. Yeah, I didn’t post all the events. I only officially acknowledge the parade and street dance, though there are many other things. Check out http://www.hibbing.org for more.

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