Squirrels, again!

Now that the Hibbing Public Utilities Commission settled its labor problems, union and management forces turn their steely eyes to the real enemy: Squirrels.

Two electrocuted-squirrel-oriented power outages have hit Hibbing in just two days. I try to clip and and save all the newspaper reports of squirrel-induced power outages. There are quite a few. My wife was in the clinic during when the first outage hit this week. The lights went out and in the dim glow of an emergency light one of the lab technicians looked up at her and said “Squirrel.” I swear, the lights go out in Hibbing and you can hear the bitter call of old men yelling “G*ddamn furry bastards! According to reports, PUC officials are working to end this problem once and for all. Until I hear a similar statement from the squirrels, I’m not convinced.

Years ago, I wrote a short piece about three squirrels contemplating the threat and allure of the power transformer. You can click if you want, but the important thing is that this exists somewhere.

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