What was the word on the street?

We didn’t take in any of the Iron Range parades, street dances or fireworks this year. Little kids, including two with a shared birthday in the weekend mix, kept us busy with a different sort of fun — mostly involving family and barbecued meat products. What was the economic, political and social vibe and/or gossip this year? I’ll take comments.


  1. I must say Grand Rapids fireworks were really suckish, I won’t be going there next year. That combined with Minnesota’s stupid Blue Laws which forced me to buy 3.2, turned the night into a giant waste of time.

    Maybe I’ll go to to Wisconsin next year…or Keewatin where there is plenty of moonshine, beer gardens, and good fireworks to go around. I guess anywhere North beats the farmfields of Southern MN though.

  2. We went to the side lake parade for the first time. It’s tough to get to a parade in a place that doesn’t have side streets if you aren’t already there. Everybody and there brother were already there. It was fun to play on the beach. Hibbing was dead, almost nothing open, everyone seemed to be occupying side lake.

  3. Goodranger says

    Nashwauk fireworks rocked as usual! Attended my 30yr class reunion, and everyone seemed to have a good time. Politics came up, but only in jokes and in reference to jobs and unemployment. Some long range classmates I am sure did not attend due to the current economic environment.

  4. The Keewatin fireworks were great for me because I was 1) immediately behind and underneath them (had to put in earplugs), 2) by myself on a mine access road and not surrounded by oohers/aahers, and 3) getting paid.

    But re: your question, I missed everything else this weekend too. All I heard is that my dad made a big show of walking out to the fog line and facing backwards when politicians and candidates went past in the Gilbert parade. He also said something nasty to an unspecified Lt. Governor candidate. I’m glad I missed it.

  5. Jean Cole says

    I attended celebrations in Britt (Lake Leander/Lake 14), Aurora, Gilbert, Biwabik and Eveleth. I think it’s fabulous the way the Iron Range celebrates Independence Day! Donate some money to your community’s Fourth of July all-volunteer committee!

  6. Anonymous says

    Travis….your Dad sounds like a wise man. You shouldn’t ignore him..

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